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Now then! I am Yorkshire based contemporary impressionist Charlie Hopkinson (Viewed over 100 million times on Facebook and Youtube videos). I gig all over the UK and will be taking half an hour of my work in progress show 'Teaching character' to the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe. Never miss me performing other peoples voice in a city near you by subscribing to my mailing list. It is  informative and more importantly infrequent.

Awards: Harrogate NCOTY 2018, Southport NCOTY 2018, Hull NCOTY 2018, Leicester Square Theartre NCOTY finalist

TV Credits: Recurring narrator and cast member of Channel 4 and Netflix show Lookalikes.

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"Fine talent for impersonation... with Peaky Blinders a standout."


"Incredibly astute impressions, will surely go on to be a household name"

Harrogate Advertiser

"F****t with 40 f****t voices"

Anonymous Youtube User