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Looking for a British impressionist comedian?

Now then! I am UK impressionist comedian, Charlie Hopkinson. Best known for my Morgan Freeman voice and David Attenborough voice, my voice impressionist videos have been viewed over 100 million times across Facebook and YouTube.


As one one of the UK’s leading celebrity voice impersonators, I perform at comedy gigs all over the country and will be performing an extended run of my latest show, Deep Now, at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival, including two warm up gigs.


Never miss me performing voice impressions in a city near you by subscribing to my mailing list! It is informative and more importantly infrequent.

"Fine talent for impersonation... with Peaky Blinders a standout."


"Incredibly astute impressions, will surely go on to be a household name"

Harrogate Advertiser

"F****t with 40 f****t voices"

Anonymous Youtube User

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